Fresh Produce from our own Farm for Breakfast


Fresh Farm

At Roomies, we constantly strive to bring value to your stay. For better half of last year, we have been experimenting and working hard on our farm in Balik Pulau, trying to grow our own food.

In the news, you constantly read about the hazards of eating GMP (Genetically Modified Products) and the chronic health effects of pesticides sprayed on to vegetables to keep bugs away. Chickens and ducks being loaded with antibiotics to prevent disease but end up producing eggs and meat that are overrun with medicine.

We started off with experimenting on Hydroponics systems and also ended up saving chickens from the slaughter houses, (our first time buying chickens in Penang). The chickens looked terrified at first and it took them 1 and a half months of love,attention, fresh water and plenty of food and play time and they finally gave us fresh eggs. The eggs although tiny (F grade), but it tasted so good. It was as if all the wholeness of nutrients were packed into one small punch.
The hydroponic system started giving us a variety of vegetables which we now use for our breakfast.


Our team is now experimenting on many different types of vegetables, tomatoes, fruits and also fish.
We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us and have a healthy and enjoyable trip

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