The birth of Roomies Penang, Boutique Bed and Breakfast

roomies penang

The Roomies Penang Boutique Bed and Breakfast project was conceived in March 2013. To the Roomies team, the Batu Feringghi beach stretch has so much tourist potential and there is an abundance of activities around it to see it through. Ask any frequent traveler to Penang or any Penangite, and they will tell you that the Batu Feringghi Stretch is lined with 4-5 star resorts. There is almost non-existent budget or middle range accomodation available. There are a few affordable accomodation types scattered out on the stretch, but very likely that you will run across a beat down bed in a windowless room or the place could be under maintained. Those hotels/motels that may look slightly more decent, are cramped in off crowd locations simply because property prices in Batu Feringghi is too exorbitant. 
Not many people dare take the risk of buying or renting a property to convert it as affordable accomodation. Thus the existing motels/hotels are in areas that are shady where safety is an issue.

prostitution penang

Some accomodations are forced to resort to renting out their rooms for “short time” use as well. “Prostitution”. 

We saw a void in the industry and we knew that there were plenty of travalers out there were screaming to looking for an alternative.  Decent, clean, value for money, fun, stylish accomodation!!!

Gooday, my friends call me Yen and im an engineer by profession. When im not slogging in my office, im off traveling the world exploring new concepts, ideas and exchanging cultures! I love to experiment with new ideas while motivating the people around me to take that “leap of faith” and try out new ventures. My motto , “Never try, never know” is branded virtually on my forehead.
We all know this, yet most of us are all still afraid of trying out that business plan or ingenious idea that struck us while talking to friends or seeing a need for it, in the society.

To those who feel unhappy with your job or life, and feel discontented with what you have now and wish to change that. Know one thing. The course of your life and how you shape your future is in your hands. So what is it going to be?

My passion is setting up Motels/Bed & Breakfast’s/ Hotels that provide affordable, clean, tasteful, fun filled accomodation and service to other travelers.

Luck was on our side, when we were driving up Batu Feringghi one day, and a FOR SALE sign caught our eye. The place was very strategic, RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the stretch. After sale negotiations, the rest is like they say -History.

roomies fantastic

Just as my idol Richard Branson would say:
Quote: “It’s all about doing everything better, and some things differently.”

Join me and my team, as we take apart a run down apartment (literally knocking every single standing wall), and designing it from scratch with the “Needs of the every traveler” as the holy grail.

The entire team is excited about the entire project, and we hope you will jump in the band wagon with us. Watch this 900ft2 apartment tranform.

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Read more >> Concept ideas we wanted to explore. Sometimes i think we are too ambitious. But hey, no one can blame you for that!
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