Batu Feringghi Night Market by Roomies Penang


The famous Batu Feringghi Night Market is right at the door steps of Roomies Penang. This is where you want to be, shopping for souvenirs, fake Ray Ban’s, “Same same but No same” T shirts, knock off electronics and DVD’s.

Souvenir shopping at Batu Feringghi

I found some interesting electronic gadgets, digital clocks, extraordinary lighters  which come in different shapes and designs.

I found some interesting electronic gadgets, digital clocks, extraordinary lighters which come in different shapes and designs.

The nightlife in Batu Ferringhi is centered on its ‘Pasar Malam’ or night market. Open from around 7pm in the evening daily and closes often past midnight, the night market is a sidewalk bazaar of makeshift stalls.
mc donalds batu ferringhi
Where to eat?
There is the convenient 24 hour Mc Donalds besides Petronas petrol station and Kentucky Fried Chicken on the opposite building.
During the day, there arent many options to go to. There are a few restaurants along Batu Feringghi. If you are looking for a affordable place to eat, you can head to the food court (located behind the block of flats, directly behing the Petronas petrol station).
For dinner, there are plenty of options open along Batu Feringghi stretch. There is also some hawker stalls next to the taxi stand in front of Golden Sands Resort. There is a mix of Chinese stir fry and also some Western.
There are a few Malay- Thai restaurants serving Thai/Malay cuisine which are pretty reasonable. These stalls can be found next to the Petronas Petrol Station.

Long Beach food court
The Long Beach is on the ‘strip’ west of the Lone Pine resort.
This is where you can get a wider variety of local, “cheaper” hawker food up north of Penang. About two thirds of the customers are tourists and a third are locals although that can vary, especially during Chinese New Year when you’ll find there are a lot more locals. It’s very popular with the expats who live in the area, and the tourists staying not only in the local hotels here, but those staying in Georgetown. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the place to come for the food’s good, it’s cheap, and so is the beer.

Guide to ordering your food?
Find yourself a table (sharing tables with strangers is allowed), flag down the drink servers, give them your order (alcoholic or soft drinks etc) and pay them when your drinks arrive.  Sometimes you may have to wait some time when it is especially busy. You take a note of your table number, go to a food stall and order your food, tell them your table number. You pay when they deliver it. Simple! My food came before my drink did.

The food stalls run along all sides of the food court with the tables and chairs in the center. The food court opens around 6pm and gets really busy by 8.00pm, when the weather has cooled down a bit. During Chinese New Year, you need to come even earlier as it gets very busy then.

Batu Ferringhi Shopping
When people mention Batu Ferringhi, two things come to mind: beach & night market. The Batu Ferringhi night market, otherwise known as the sidewalk bazaar, is one of the area’s major attractions.

batu feringghi night market

fake g shocks penang

Whatever you are buying, you need to bargain first with an exception of DVD’s. The prices are fixed but an additional tip is to ask the seller if the copies are clear copies. The vendors sometimes mix unclear copies with the good DVD’s to sell to newbies. A rule of thumb is to wait at least 1 week from the time of the movie release in the cinema before the DVD’s are clear.

We hope you have as much fun shopping here as we did!

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